We are a teaching studio dedicated to the advancement of movement professionals. From a residency program to sustainable career options for faculty-minded and independent practitioners alike, we raise the bar and lift the ceiling for teachers.

Residency Program

A big learning curve happens when you hit the training floor as a new teacher. We created our residency program to ease this transition and set new instructors up for success. An 18-month commitment, our residency program combines paid employment with structured mentorship in a supportive teaching environment. The pace is reasonable, the learning is serious, and the experience is paid.

Core Faculty

Is teaching teachers your jam? Our core faculty positions offer sustainable career options for experienced instructors interested in teaching and mentoring students and growing in a vibrant, education-focused, and supportive team environment.

Practitioner Community

Do you want to fly solo but still be a part of a community? Our Practitioner Community program offers Pilates instructors an opportunity to sow independent practices within an enriching community of students and teachers at Kinected.

We would love to have your as part of our team.

Post-Grad Education

Learning anatomy is a life-long process. Stay inspired!

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