Dive into a six-month immersive mentorship designed to help certified Pilates instructors blossom into gifted and dedicated teachers. Gain an advanced-level education in Pilates, honing skills in the areas of choreography, programming, and teaching. Cultivate a particular area of expertise by selecting an intensive course of study in one of the three following concentrations:

  • Anatomy
  • Injuries & Rehabilitation
  • The Art of Teaching

Work 1-on-1 with a dedicated mentor to curate the course of study and achieve the program’s goals. Complete approximately 130 hours of requirements plus self-study and research, divided among three core elements: mentorship, skill enrichment, and focused study.


This element includes 2 one-hour meetings per month (12 total) between mentor and mentee to help cultivate the chosen field of study. Additionally, there are 18 mentor-supervised sessions where the mentee teaches 1-hour private Pilates sessions to a specified client at Kinected approximately three times per month.
Total hours: 30

Skill Enrichment

The second element focuses on expanding the mentee’s Pilates skills and continuing education studies with participation in five 1-hr private sessions with Matt McCulloch, Kelly Kane and a senior-level instructor (15 total), 5 mat and 5 equipment classes at Kinected and two kinectED continuing ed workshops of the mentee’s choosing over the course of the 6-month mentorship, and attendance at the Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) Workshop. Mentee writes a 1-page synopsis of the teachings gleaned from each workshop.
Total hours: Approximately 60-75

Focused Study

Mentees also fulfill the following educational responsibilities to facilitate studying + learning within their chosen concentration: Collecting and reviewing topic-centered literature and research, leading 3 Teacher’s Lab (continuing education classes for instructors, 3 hours), writing at least 3 educational blogs (3 hours) and a culminating project including a final paper and live presentation on chosen topic (20 hours)
Total hours: 26 + research    Apply Now


• 15 private sessions: 5 sessions with studio director Matt McCulloch, 5 sessions with Kane School founder Kelly Kane, 5 sessions with a senior level instructor, $2,159.23
• Tuition for FAMI Workshop, $1145
• 5-pack of equipment classes and 5-pack of mat classes, $266.47
• Mentor Meetings and Mentor-Supervised Sessions
• Mentor Program materials and administration

Continuing Education: 2 workshops of mentee’s choosing at Kinected, to be completed within the 6 month mentorship time frame (price varies per workshop, mentee receives a 25% discount on each workshop)

Mentee receives $20/hr credit for each completed mentor-supervised session, usable as Kinected cash redeemable for any studio service or workshop

Post-Grad Education

Learning anatomy is a life-long process. Stay inspired!

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