Learning anatomy is a life-long process. FAMI begins the journey with a hands-on exploration of the human form. Students learn the language of the body from anatomists, study 3-D specimens in Gross Anatomy labs, and hear first-hand how physicians and physical therapists treat the pathologies that commonly plague our musculoskeletal system.


FAMI – Level Two takes the knowledge gleaned in the Gross Lab to the studio with immersive, integrative courses on injury programming and care. Each course focuses on a specific body region and includes the following topics each day.

Foundation Lecture

Led by a FAMI anatomist, these lectures review fundamentals of the region in focus and set the stage for the practical application of anatomy to movement.

Biomechanics, Posture, and Palpation Lab

Led by a FAMI PT, these sessions take participants through an in-depth exploration of the body region in focus. Participants explore biomechanics, healthy and unhealthy posture, and palpation of the region’s important landmarks.

Preventative Programming

Led by a FAMI movement professional, this session explores programming for injury prevention, teaching participants specific exercises and progressions that encourage healthy biomechanics and posture of the body region in focus for all levels of clients.

Clinical Perspective Lecture

These 90-minute sessions, taught by FAMI physicians, hone in on common injuries of the body region in focus, exploring pathology, treatment, and specific clinical cases. They provide the framework for understanding the exercise principles discussed during the Rehab Perspective lectures and Injury Programming sessions that follow.

Rehab Perspective & Injury Programming

Co-taught by a FAMI PT and movement professional, these sessions comprise the entire second day of the course. They provide an in-depth analysis of the rehabilitative management of specific injuries as well as choreography and progressions for injury maintenance and recovery. These sessions exemplify the dialogue between the medical and movement worlds that FAMI seeks to inspire.

Upcoming Sessions

FAMI – Level Two 2018

October 20 - 21, 2018 at Kinected, NYC


Before August 1 $695
After August 1 $795

Total teaching hours = 10.5
Registration fees include tuition and course materials.
• $250 non-refundable deposit required to register; payment in full by August 15th.
• Group rates available. Email us to learn more.

Completion of FAMI Workshop

Cancellation Policy
A $250 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration. Registration fees are refundable minus the deposit until August 15th. Due to the advanced planning required for the workshop, the entire registration is non-refundable after August 15th.

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Participants can earn CECs from the organizations listed below. If your accrediting organization is not listed, you may petition for CECs. Please contact your respective CEC provider for specific petition requirements; we’re happy to provide any information you should need.

Organization + FAMI Level 2 Credits

American Council on Exercise 1
National Academy of Sports Medicine 1.2
Pilates Method Alliance 12
Kane School 12

Post-Grad Education

Learning anatomy is a life-long process. Stay inspired!

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